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We focus on creating aesthetic and functional solutions, offering customized project-based or consulting services. Futura operates in the field of cars and vehicles, industrial and strategic design, offering a service covering the styling and construction of mock-ups, prototypes and design solutions for mass-production, prototyping and coachbuilding. We work closely with you to understand your needs and provide innovative and unique solutions. Whether it is automotive, product, packaging, branding or visualization, we are committed to delivering high-quality results that reflect your style and aspirations.

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We like to make beautiful things.

As Designers, we have the power to shape our world. Vehicles, Objects and Graphics are our tools for shaping a better future. We like to see ingenuity and style around us, bearing in mind that Design means solving problems and doing it in the most beautiful way possible. Flexibility, innovation and beauty are three starting points for a good project. It's easy to create something. Even easier when the limit is just the imagination. A good design is a result of coordination, cooperation and vision. But, like all good things, if it comes from scratch, it will always be something special. We are here to explore new possibilities.

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